1st Vice Commander's Note | March 2017

Fernando Rivero 1st Vice Commander, Post 43

Fernando Rivero
1st Vice Commander, Post 43

Three years ago, we had fewer than 500 members when the Executive Committee passed a motion committing Post 43 to removing caps and doubling our membership ranks to 1,000 by the 2019 centennial. Thanks to technology, word of mouth, aggressive recruiting, and simply having an amazing and vibrant Post, we are on track to that goal. Today, we have more than 800 Legionnaires on our rolls and growing. On March 16 at 7p.m. we will host a special meeting of the Post to welcome our largest group of veterans yet into our American Legion in a mass induction ceremony. Please save the date and come down to support our newest Legionnaires! None of this would be possible without each and every one of you being committed to growing our fellowship and carrying the flag forward, ensuring the Hollywood American Legion is a relevant and thriving group and place for Veterans and or families. Thank you. 

If you know Veterans or relatives who would like to join the post, send them to hollywoodpost43.org/join. 

Post 43 Comms Team