Results of 2017 Election for Post 43 Delegates to Department Convention

Elections were held at the post on May 1, 2017 for delegates to the convention of The American Legion Department of California. Results are below in descending order of most votes cast. If for some reason duly elected delegates are unable to attend the convention, alternates would take their place and the next down the order would take the place of the alternates as needed.


Karl Risinger
Tom Urich
Fernando Rivero
Jennifer Campbell
David Gibson
Michael Hjelmstad
Jennifer Crandell
Tim Shaner
Luís Soto
Jeric Wilhelmsen
Randy Kahn
Tim Mosman
James Disnuke
Danielle Baker
Lester Probst
Matthew Skomo


Erik Parcells
Bill Tapp


Brian Binkley
Dov Cohen
AJ Perez
Jack Levy
Jeanette St. John
Leonard Bloom
Alex Daniels
Scott Mueller


Post 43 Comms Team