Candidate Statements from 2017 Nominees for Post Officers and Executive Committee


For Commander:

FERNANDO RIVERO - Thank you, Post 43. It is an incredible honor to be nominated as your commander and to help lead an organization that for nearly a century has been part of the fabric of the veteran community in Hollywood. We are entering an exciting new chapter in our history. Together, we’ve taken action on a vision that will ensure the Hollywood American Legion is around and a force in the veteran community for years to come: a beautiful new theater, a renovated clubhouse, and a growth in membership we have not seen in decades. But we will always remember our heritage and the four pillars of the American Legion that hold up all that we are and do. It is our job to carry the legacy forward into the next 100 years. I’m privileged to be your comrade and would be honored by your vote on May 15.

For 1st Vice Commander:

MICHAEL HJELMSTAD - It's been my honor to serve again this year and I'm excited for the future of this post.  My involvement at the District, Department, and National American Legion has been educational and exciting this year.  But what I’m most proud of in the entire American Legion is to be a member of historic Post 43 and the amazing family we have here.  We have a legacy and built a vision for the Legion going forward that has become a beacon of the national organization and I could not be more thrilled to be a part of that. 

For 2nd Vice Commander:

Jennifer Campbell - It has been such an honor to be an elected official of Hollywood Post 43 these past years. I'm incredibly proud of the work we've done. I hope to continue membership outreach and work towards member participation in Post events.  I'm so passionate about making Post 43 a pillar in the community and sharing this special place with veterans and community members alike. I've worked diligently as the Entertainment Chair to create an environment where members feel a sense of camaraderie and purpose. As 2nd Vice Commander, I look forward to continuing that work and I'm honored to serve our Post and its members. 

For Board of Trustees:

LUÍS F. SOTO - My fellow Legionnaires, please vote for me to serve on the Board of Trustees. I have served on the Executive Committee, I presently chair the Arts Committee, co-chair the Theater Committee as well as the Finance Committee. I have over 25 years of experience as a successful small business owner and entrepreneur. I have an MA from NYSU and a long career as a Film/TV Director. Working with others is something I do well. It’s the unique spirit and fellowship that makes Post 43 so special to me and I will be honored to serve on the Board of Trustees. Vote Soto!

For Executive Committee (6 seats available):

ANDRÉ ANDREWS - a US Navy Veteran and filmmaker. I am grateful and honored to be selected for the executive committee. I would like to be your new executive committee team member to bring results to the legion and bring new and innovative ways to make our post stand out here in Hollywood. My goal is to unite the past and future generations of Veterans. I look forward to many years here at the post and the many great things to come. Thank You and God bless The United States of America.

BRIAN BINKLEY - Please Vote for me, Employment & Education Committee Chair, and dedicated Legionnaire.  The Executive Board has a BIGGER RESPONSIBILITY than voting on the Business, Professional, and Social Functions of the post, YOU ARE “The Voice” for your Follow Legionnaires and Comrades within the community and post.  I have been President of a Non-Profit prior and during my tenure; I was successful in that position for one reason:  I knew How To Be “The Voice” of the rest of the general membership and carry out The Mission of getting “Their Voices” heard.  I will to do that for Post 43.

GEORGE CANTERO - I have been a member of the America Legion since for two continuous years.  I’m Co-Chair of The Poker Committee. You have probably seen me at the many events put on by The Legion.  I have never missed a meeting since being installed. In the late seventies I belonged to VETCO (Veterans Ensemble Theater Company) in NYC; have operated my own business (Gen Phn Productions); and was a registered CTA.  I was also an Introducing Broker for a large Commodity Brokerage Firm. If elected, I will strive to maintain a harmonious balance on all issues brought in front of the Committee.

JENNIFER CRANDELL - What an absolute pleasure it has been to serve as a volunteer for our Post these past 4 years.  Since induction, I have been proactive in the assistance and creation of various Post activities, including our monthly Movie Nights, and serving as chair for our (Community) Service Committee, to bring camaraderie-building engagement opportunities to our membership.  I am highly motivated and deeply passionate, and will continue to dedicate myself to our fellowship.  My goal is to nurture the progress of our Post as a vibrant, warm, and welcoming pillar of the community, for veterans and supporters to feel at home.

BRIAN J. FAGAN - My fellow Legionnaires, I am running for re-election as a member of the Executive Committee. In addition to the EC, I served as Chairman of the By-Laws Committee and the Board of Governors whose major accomplishment this year was instituting new Post rules of conduct.   Since 1998, I have been proudly serving our country as a Navy Reservist in the intelligence field and served one tour in Iraq in 2007. For the last 20 years, I have owned and operated a uniformed security guard business in the Los Angeles area. I believe my experience both militarily and in business management will continue to be a strong asset for Post 43.

KEVEN FREEDMAN - I have been a continuous member of Hollywood Post 43 for 10+ years.   I have been your Post Photographer; you’re District 24 Historian and VP CALPA Area 6.  This year I am asking for your support to elect me to the Executive Committee.  This is not the time to allow small groups or clicks to sway your vote because they are running together via being pictured on a flyer.  Our post needs independent thinkers not followers.   I know many of you have expressed your frustrations to me about how things are run and are being run at our post.  Make a difference.  Vote the individual of your choice.  Vote for those that you feel represent your causes.  For God and Country - Vote for Keven Freedman----Executive Committee.

DAVID GIBSON - What a privilege it has been to serve the post in a variety of ways over the years.  It's an exciting time at the post and the decisions we make now will have a lasting impact on our future.  I believe I can make a significant contribution in this endeavor.  I also believe in the Four Pillars of the American Legion and will continue my involvement and support of Legion programs such as JROTC, Boys State, Oratorical, and Scouting.  I respectfully ask for your vote to serve as a member of the Executive Committee.

DR. RAYMOND K. HSU - Legionnaires, thank you for this nomination to the 2017-2018 Executive Committee.  Many fantastic things are happening to Post 43 that will enhance what we can do for our members.  The EC is a representation of you, never hesitate to collaborate your ideas with us to make our Post meaningful at the individual and community level.  Being a part of the Executive Committee, that advances our Four Pillars, is humbling and I am full of gratitude for this role.  Post 43 is a beacon of excellence!   Through our teamwork, dedication and commitment to the Four Pillars, I will help keep it that way.

RANDY KAHN - At first, I enjoyed the social aspects of our post.  Then, I got involved with our High School Oratorical Contest.  I have chaired it for several years and this year served as a judge for both the Area and National Finals.  I am also very active on the Cinema, House and Executive Committees.  When I retired, I set Giving Back as one of my two major goals.  I never thought the Legion would provide me so many opportunities to put my business, project management and leadership experience to use helping others.  I hope you’ll allow me to continue to serve.

PETER LISOWSKI - Vote for Pete, if you want a candidate who has proven leadership experience and extensive financial and business qualifications for the Executive Committee. Pete is a West Point graduate, Marine helicopter pilot, and has managed a $300 million dollar budget while in the Marines. Currently, he works for the Los Angeles Kings where his focus is business operations. Pete is an MBA graduate from University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business. Pete will bring leadership, professionalism, clear communication, and teamwork to the Executive Committee, and will ensure the continued success of the Post 43. Please vote for Pete Lisowski for Executive Committee.

LARRY PITKIN - It gives me great pride and honor to serve as your Sgt-At-Arms.  It is a position I am committed and dedicated to and serve as such, proudly.  By voting for me you will be voting for an EC member who will always strive for what is best for Post 43 and its membership.  When I became a member of this post, I met the family I didn’t know I had.  I ask for your vote so I can continue to serve this great Hollywood Post 43 Family.  God bless Post 43 and God bless America.

LESTER PROBST - I am ready to work hard for Post 43.  Served 1953/54 Infantry Korea DMZ.  GI Bill 1959 Electrical Engineering. Computer Design 1962 Invented bowling score computer for Lockheed Electronics.  1969 Formed first public company to process freight bills by computer.  1974-2002 Formed and president of software company.  Volunteer Los Angeles County Museum of Art Treasurer El Pueblo Park Association.  Member Las Angelitas - Olivera Street school tours.


Post 43 Comms Team