Post 43 Legionnaires Mobilize for Hurricane Harvey Relief


Hollywood, Calif. Legionnaires stepped up to take action and help fellow Legion family and others in the Texas this week in the aftermath of devastating Hurricane Harvey. Nick Papadakis, a Houston native made sure an emergency "supply drop" from Post 43 went out to Garden Oaks Post 560 in suburban Houston, Tx. with gloves, masks, cleaning supplies, diapers, baby wipes, clothes and other essentials. Post 560 has been taking supplies and distributing to local veterans, families and neighbors to help with immediate needs in the days following the storm. A call on Facebook from the post commander, Charlie Powers led to this effort to help our fellow vets and their community.  

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Last week, Legionnaire André Andrews enlisted another Legionnaire, Charles Chavez, and the two launched an assistance mission. André secured a generous donation of tools and supplies from Home Depot in North Hollywood to help in the cleanup effort.  Post 43 authorized $1,600 from our donations fund to help supply and deploy "Task Force Hollywood" to Houston. Legionnaire Chris Loverro made a Costco run, donating water, canned goods, diapers and other necessities for the mission. They loaded a 4x4 pickup with relief supplies and got underway, bound for Texas. 


Our intrepid vets arrived in Texas and were not prepared for what they saw. "Words can't explain the devastation we have witnessed," said André in a Facebook post Sunday. "Meeting these families and helping them rebuild put things into perspective. After we leave and all the aid is gone there will still be a long road ahead."

André and Charles linked up with Post 560 and helped distribute relief supplies. After getting the lay of the land, they visited with other area Legion posts, distributed goods and put in labor, helping out with cleanup of damage to posts and area residents.

Earlier in the week, Post 43 Historian Heráclio "Junior" Aguilar arrived in Texas with a group of other Los Angeles veterans from Merging Vets & Players (MVP) in the thick of the flooding to help rescue victims of the flooding that marked the aftermath of the hurricane. Junior and the group had a huge impact, delivering supplies and rescuing victims, pets, and ripping out damaged walls, flooring and furniture.

Post 43 Historian, "Junior" Aguilar, far right, with MVP cohorts in Texas.

Post 43 Historian, "Junior" Aguilar, far right, with MVP cohorts in Texas.

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American Legion National Headquarters staff also drove to Houston and delivered relief supplies to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. A trailer filled with air mattresses, baby diapers and formula, water, latex gloves, cleaning supplies and non-perishable food was unloaded at American Legion Post 490 in Houston to support its distribution efforts. Supplies were also delivered to those affected in the small coastal community of Port Lavaca. The Legion continues to urge donations to the National Emergency Fund, which provides cash grants to veterans and Legion family in dire need after a disaster. Donations go directly to victims. You can donate HERE.


"I am so proud of our Post 43 Legionnaires and all our veteran brothers and sisters who rallied to do whatever we could to help our comrades who are suffering so greatly in Texas right now," said Hollywood Post 43 commander Fernando Rivero. "These veterans are showing us all how it's done with deliberate action and a spirit of service that embodies the Legion ethos. I couldn't be more grateful for their dedication and commitment."

Junior is back in L.A. resting up after the grueling rescue and recovery operation. André and Charles are still in Texas. At last check-in, they were bound for Corpus Christi. They are asking for donations to continue their mission for a few more days.  DONATE HERE.


Post 43 Comms Team