How Do I Get Involved at the Post?

Mike Hjelmstad and Andy Fierro feeding the homeless through The Burrito Project #veteransstillserving

Mike Hjelmstad and Andy Fierro feeding the homeless through The Burrito Project #veteransstillserving

Welcome to the American Legion!  You're part of a worldwide group of 2 million U.S. war veterans that has been around for nearly 100 years!  At Hollywood Post 43, we have a lot of new members, and we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to learn what the Legion is about, and let you know how to get involved, if you choose to. It's not a requirement, but we suspect that you'll be motivated by all the different opportunities available to continue serving in the American Legion!


First thing's first. Get acquainted. Learn about the history and mission of the American Legion, the nation's largest Veterans Organization. The post Membership Committee is launching a new member orientation that will take place the evening new candidates are inducted, just prior to the meeting.  It's meant to be a very broad overview of the Legion, the Post, our history, rules, and how things work around here.  If you'd like to volunteer to teach orientation, reach out to 1st Vice Commander Mike Hjelmstad at  We hope new members and longtime members alike will take part.

American Legion Basic Training is a newly revised overview online program you can take that is an in-depth look at our history, mission, and customs. A live class is also facilitated at the post every quarter by longtime members Tim Mossman and Olivia Headley. Upon graduating, you receive a hat pin and certificate from the National Commander.


If you're interested in service, there are various opportunities to help with the post activities and with American Legion programs we run. More on them below:

• Service and Donations Committee (volunteering, blood donation, care packages, feeding the homeless, charitable contributions planning, etc.)

American Legion Baseball 
• Boys State
High School Oratorical Contest
High School JROTC Support
Amateur Radio
Law & Order Program
Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation
• National Security
Legislative Affairs

Officers (elected and appointed)
• Resource Development Team (Fundraising)
Emergency Preparedness
• Finance Committee (Post Finances)
• House Committee (House rules, renovations, improvements and maintenance)
Media & Communication (PR, Social Media, Website)

To get involved in these or any committees, contact the committee chairs. The list is linked here. As always, if you have any ideas, they are always welcome. Feel free to bring them to the meetings. Keep in mind, good ideas are plenty. Leadership and follow-through are what's required! We look forward to seeing many of you involved in our programs. See you around the clubhouse.

Post 43 Comms Team